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mimi in wonderland ch2
(Disclamer: i only own the Oc's & story idea Cuchulain rightfulling belongs to lord Cavendish himself)
Safey upon the gound of wonderland with a unconscious mimi in his arms cuchulain sighed "what am i going with you my dear" cuchulain said looking around for a place lay the  unconscious girl without awaking her up spotting a tree not too far from where they landed he smile at the luck his having and walked over to the tree queitly then place mimi sitting up right in front of the tree before look at his clock only to freak out "oh i'm soo late.. the queen going to be so cross" cuchulain thought with that in mind he was off running like a mad hare back to the heart place within his awake he didn't notices crystal the cheshire cat was laying in the tree watching this "ooh~ there's our guest & that silly rabbit is being a fool again today" crystal reply with a giggle while laying in the tree smiling.
breathing slowly mimi open her eyes & blinked as she starts to see where she is
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death walks beside him ch2
By morning the news of the murder in rosewell family pack was all over the TV's for akemi was awaking by this not so lovely morning by her cell phone ringing like mad "h-hello" said akemi in still tired voice while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes "akemi? you wake?! *sighs* good i got you before you left" repy mimi on the other end "eh? yeah i'm awake what up with you that you had to call me this early for" said akemi as she pull the covers off & got out of her bed while fixed her nightgown as she walks out of her bedroom & down the stairs with her cell still on her ear talking to mimi "have you seen the new? that reason why i'm call you about girl" mimi reply from her end,
Once downstairs akemi was puzzle as to what her friend was saying "huh? no i haven't see the new why what happen?" akemi asked as she went into the kitchen to get herself breakfast "seriously akemi *sighs heavly* there was talk of a murder in rosewell family park on the new this morning" said mimi upon hearing this
:iconnana012:nana012 4 2
the bleeding dawn final ch
Lord Blood slowly walked down the throne steps towards the heros drawing his sword out with a evil grin on his pale face " i'm going to enjoy killing you all very slow & painful while i laugh as you die" said the vampire king as his eyes glow a blood red "it'll be you who will be death not us" eric said as he & rin both draw out their swords " let find out how long you last in fighting all of us" growl cuchulain as he & his son draw theirs and got ready for a fight to start " oh we'll find just who wins this fight & i'll make sure to make you pay for choosing to fight with them!" howl Blood as he shows his fangs towards them and ran at them with his sword pointing outwards roaring, Eric and rin both ready themself to block the vampire king attack which was the good thing they did blood's sword point was coming in the middle of the two hunters as they block but blood started to push forwards to knock the hunters back and attack them at the  same time both rin and eric could feel th
:iconnana012:nana012 5 0
the bleeding dawn CH 9
Upon hearing the voice that was behind them the gang turned around/ look up to see none other then Yuuta and his servants come down towards them Eric was trying his best to not jump at the vampire noble who like to toy with them "you mean to say that you known where lord blood's castle is?" asked rin once realizing who it was yuuta smile wide as he walked over to hunters "oh more then that my dear i can show you just where it lays" said yuuta "by all means lead the way there" said Father andrew while dacian & his son andre agreeds with the father andrew so does the others jason road up to his dad "hopely you can let your anger out on vamipre king once we get there" said jason in a low voice which eric nodded "agreed and by then the vampire king will be dead and i won't have to deal with yuuta anymore" thought eric as he and rin get on their horses back it was nice of Mayor fair hare to give them two more horses cuchulain & cunla shared one while ciardha took the other "now then shell w
:iconnana012:nana012 6 0
my soulmate our faith part 3
Sophie's POV
I was dreaming of my life back in the past i was back to my youngerself in the hidden lab where i first meet papa, he worked there as a lab professor who was very kind an fatherly to me those who worked there knew him as professor malone casper no one never question him or back talks him papa would always come to see me after every testing & tells me everything about the oustside world which i always listen to him hearing his voice so kind & soft i would lay close to him while he talks "say papa? what's it mean to be in love?" i asked him as he look down & smiles "well my dear love can mean anything but love is when two people have feeling for eachother" said papa as he lays a hand on top of my head "your still young maybe when your abit older you'll understand what it mean to be in love" as he rubs my head as my dream slolwy fade,
I suddenly start to hear voices around me & slowly open my eyes " it was only memories in a form of a dream?" i thought to myself realizes that
:iconnana012:nana012 5 0
the bleeding dawn ch8
The silence within the room was so thick that the gangs shocked looks was still but the silence was soon broken by the sound werewolf hound slamming his open hands upon the small table top very hard which make tea cups shake badly "your's saying that we just turns tails and run?! your boss is a bloody idiot!" cuchulain howl in anger "if we do that.. the vampire king will kill anyone in this town" said cunla in small voice, Hateing to choose sides but what both father & son are saying is very true "if we trun our backs now that just mean vampire king had won the war" said ciardha as he sighs worriness fall over rin why would her brother say that?! she hope eric had more, keeping his cool eric rise his hands to order everyone to clam down seeing the piss & worry looks he felt the same way as everybody "i do understand how you guys feel & saying & i can't agreed with my boss.. but i did ask him for some back up to help us in this up coming battle & he'll send them over to us as soon as he
:iconnana012:nana012 6 0
Mimi in wonderland ch1
(Disclamer: i only own the Oc's & story idea Cuchulain rightfulling belongs to lord Cavendish)
It was a cool summers morning and lady Mimi was happily laying under the biggest tree in her backyard with her eyes close, a smile laying upon her pretty face "ah! this have to be my best idea to do in along time" thought mimi as she lays in the shadow of the tree enjoying being lost in her own little world that she didn't knowness that she had a guest in her backyard who was two feet infront of her "wake up,wake up it's time to wake up my dear~" said a cheerful friendly voice that went into mimi's ear without being close to her to do so.
Slolwy opening her eyes mimi blinked two time to make sure that what she's seeing is for real and not something fake "w-wha?" once her eyes where clear and saw who woke her up "what the hell?!" mimi yelped an standed up the guest was a brown hair blue eyed male dressed in gentleman clothes with dress shoes and holding a gold pocket watch in his hand but what
:iconnana012:nana012 5 0
dragon winged knight oc
Name:  nightingale
Age: 17
Gender:  female
Species: dragon winged human
Job class: Knight
Height: 5"9'
weight:  34 lb
Birthdate: january 23
Eye Color: bluish green
hair color:  raven black    
skin color: fair
Family: unknown
Homeworld: earth
Appearance: mid back long hair wears a black shell jacket over top a light blue t-shirt have sea foam green dragon wings on her back, blue jeans & brown booth      
Personality: kind/caring, strong & Brave
Close Friends: Dan, seira & her clan
:iconnana012:nana012 4 0
death walks beside him CH1
It was a lovely summer break for all the high school students within the city of Rosewell for Akemi it was the best time to hang out with her friends & read books at the Rosewell library an that was where she's at since rosie is helping at her family's shine & raina is on a family trip to hong kong, As she looks through the shelfs for a book to read having many fav one which is  mysteries akemi love reading a good  mysteries book seeing that she was in the mysteries corner it's shelfs tall & full of her fav books "hmm which one should i read hoping there a new mysteries book " akemi said to herself as she looks when she finds one & takes it off the shelf with a smile on her face as she walks towards the front door after checking out the book she picked only to bump into the brothers fuyu & blake "hey aki" said fuyu while blake gave her a small wave "yo" said blake with a grin.
Smiling kindly towards the them akemi was use to the nickname that the brothers gave her "hi fuyu, b
:iconnana012:nana012 5 2
humanized goat Oc
Name: Mattie Arkwood
Age: 20
Gender: male
Species: humanized goat
Job class: magic knight
Height: 5"8'
weight: 45 bl
Birthdate: june 25
Eye Color: teal
hair color: light brown
skin color: normal
Family: n/a
weapons: twin short swords
Appearance: young looking with a boyish face mid back long hair in a low ponytail tie with light blue bowtie have short white goat horns on the topside of his head wears dark gray t-shirt under a darkgreen/yellow shell jacket with dark brown pants with white/gold tiped booths have a black choker necklace around his neck
Personality: kind-hearted, bave & overprotective
Close Friends: silver note & shadow feather
Bio: a young magic knight who wants to feel that he belong with human but due to being shy & people sometime calls he a freak he choose to stay away hoping that one day he'll not be so alone
:iconnana012:nana012 4 0
anthro pony Oc
Name: silver note
Age: 21
Gender: female
Pony Species: unicorn anthro
class: empress
Height: 5"9'
weight: 47 bl
Ability: time magic
Birthdate: june 20
Eye Color: silver
mane/tail color: light gray
coat color: white
Family: unknown
Cutemark: silver music notes
Appearance: mid back long mane in low twin braids an ankle long tail wears empress clothes wth golden hoof shoes (she wears a headdress sometime)
Personality: kind, caring & protective
Close Friends: Mattie arkwood & her group followers
Bio: a kind/wise unicorn mare empress who can forsee thing with in timelines of the world by using her time magic she wishes to have place where her race & humans could live together
:iconnana012:nana012 5 0
its a dog gone dayz: pathend two
(here is cunla's pathend)
You just got finish with the papperwork & having dinner when you realize it was all ready nighttime and it was still rainning outside chickie gave you the news that a storm had came in & it will rain through out the night still early morning is when it'll end, Calling it a night you say your goodnight to everyone in the house before you headed towards your bedroom getting into your pj and rechecking everything in your bedroom then nodding your head an  crawling into your bed
(name): *sighing* well atless the housework is done only now outside work will have to wait still later in the day
pulling your covers over yourself & turning off the light once your head hits the pillow you were out for the night, The sound of lighting could be hear through the house you were sound asleep when a loud kocking on your bedroom door wake you up from your dream rubbing your eyes and sitting up in bed wonder who at the door at this time look at the clock it was midnight
:iconnana012:nana012 4 0
humanized gray mouse Oc
Name: Zinnia
Age: 14  
Gender: male  
Species: humanzied gray mouse
Height: 5"7'  
weight: 50bl  
Birthdate: june 17  
Eye Color: true blue  
hair color: silver  
Family: unknown (he was adopted by a kind &loving couple)
Appearance: shoulder short hair with lightgray mouse ears on both sides of his head wears a white dress t-shirt under a lightbrown jacket with black dress pants with green shoes haves a light gray mouse tail sticking out from the bottom  
Personality: kind, caring, shy & timid  
Close Friends: n/a  
likes: cheese, cake & tea
Dislikes: cats (ones that eat mouse) & high places
:iconnana012:nana012 6 8
its a dog gone dayz: pathend one
(here the pathending for Cuchulain)
Hearing a knock on your office's door looking abit puzzle you look up from what your doing early & sat your pen down
(name): who would that be? (thought) come in, it's open
Cuchulain: *opens the with one hand while holding a tray with the other* miss (name) would you like some tea? *walks over to your desk*  
(name): *try's not to show him that your blushing* y-yes that would be nice cuchulain *smiles* seem chickie had ask you to do this?  
Cuchulain: *sits a tea cup down upon your desk without looking at you* well you can say that but she showing my son how to do some housework *pours tea into the cup*
(name): *smiles* the housework would be easy for chickie to do since the outdoor work is on hold... *look out the office window* beacuse it's rainning hard out there it'll be late at night before the rain stops  
Cuchulain: *finish pouring & moves the tea cup infront of you* true with it rainning out the outdoorwork will have to be done
:iconnana012:nana012 2 0
Humanized deer Oc
Name: Arthur  
Age: 16  
Gender:  male  
Species: humanzied deer  
Height: 5"9'  
weight: 56bl  
Birthdate: Nov 17  
Eye Color: golden yellow  
hair color: chestnut brown/ light blonde  (front & both sides that hang on both end of the face)    
skin color: fair  
Family: Poppy (mother/alive), Jacob (father/alive) & Haru (halfbrother/alive)  
Appearance: above shoulder long hair with cream color antler on top of his head wears a mint green hight school boys uniform with black dress shoes haves a small deer tail sticking out  from the bottom          
Personality:  happy-go-lucky, caring & kind hearted  
Close Friends: annlice blackheart, birdy & nadine  
likes: apples, playing games & swimming  
Dislikes: mean people, sour/spicy food & ghost  
Bio: a fun loving deer boy who would do anything for his family & friend his one wish to be in a band play music for anyon
:iconnana012:nana012 4 0
wind-up doll oc
Name: Rosewood
Nickname: marion doll & wind-up rosie
Eye Color: ice purple
hair color: chestnut Brown
Job class: Ventriloquist
D.O.B: march 15
Gender: male
Age: 17
Species: humanized Wind Up doll
Currently living: fairground toyhouse
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 34bl
Appearance:  shoulder long hair with twin braid on both side of his face wear
a male magician outfit with blue/gray boots with a steel wind-up key in the middle of his back & haves a black/white green goofy eyed wolf hand puppet on his left hand name Jojo
Personality: playful,happy-go-luck & kind
Likes: parties, balloons & sweets
Dislikes: meanies, hurting people & bad mouthing
Scar(s): (none)
How she/he plays: he play any game that the childen wants or tells story with Jojo's help
Saying: "hi kids~ let's have a fun day" & " my parther & i are happy that your here"
Family(if he/she haves any): (comment)
Close Friends: Annlice,Cressia  (comment)
Physical weaknesses(s): fire, having his wi
:iconnana012:nana012 5 0
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*fav creepypasta Oc*
STAMP: The Hangman Support/Fan Stamp by InvaderIka Ally Fan Stamp by InvaderIka

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125 deviations
Check out :iconadoptsofallkind: she have awsome adoptable there & there cheap take a look for yourself you can also do trade for the adopt that want if you don't have much points she does to adopt trades 
(Disclamer: i only own the Oc's & story idea Cuchulain rightfulling belongs to lord Cavendish himself)

Safey upon the gound of wonderland with a unconscious mimi in his arms cuchulain sighed "what am i going with you my dear" cuchulain said looking around for a place lay the  unconscious girl without awaking her up spotting a tree not too far from where they landed he smile at the luck his having and walked over to the tree queitly then place mimi sitting up right in front of the tree before look at his clock only to freak out "oh i'm soo late.. the queen going to be so cross" cuchulain thought with that in mind he was off running like a mad hare back to the heart place within his awake he didn't notices crystal the cheshire cat was laying in the tree watching this "ooh~ there's our guest & that silly rabbit is being a fool again today" crystal reply with a giggle while laying in the tree smiling.

breathing slowly mimi open her eyes & blinked as she starts to see where she is  "w-wha?! how did i get to a tree.." looks around for the white rabbit but does see him "grr that baka of rabbit! when i find him he'll wish his dead" mimi said as she got up & looked around "which way do i go? seeing that i'm not from here anyways" mimi said with a shrug of her shoulders when suddenly the air was fill with giggles "your awake now mimi-chan~" said a voice that was purring sprining around and look up into the tree to see who voice "what the hell? first a man with white rabbit ears show up & bring me here now there a girl headed cat in a tree talking" mimi reply as she sighed before pitching herself to wake up the giggling cheshire cat couldn't help but shake her head "it's no dream mimi-chan it's for real" crystal said after her giggling stoped with a angry sigh mimi look at the crystal "okay so it's not a dream then so where the hell am i? & how do i get home?" mimi asked she wanted to known where this places is & how she going to get home again,

Crystal purred as she cleans herself " well as to where you are your in wonderland~" once finish celaning she look right at mimi "i can not say how you get home if you truely want to known ask the white queen" said crystal as she lays down to have a nap looking madder then before mimi knew she'll ever known where to find this white queen she stormed off on her own not knowing that crystal looking towards the path mimi was taking and smiled "have fun meeting everyone mimi-chan" crystal said to herself & falls asleep.

Sitting clamly infort of her crystal ball the white queen look upon the pic of mimi walking through the wood "ah you finally came my dear child soon you will understand your role as alice in this world & hopely you'll find your trueself" said the white queen while she watches,

While walking through the wood mimi started to thinking "damn it i never ask the cheshire cat as to where the white queen be" mimi thought as she walked just over the tree tops she notice smoke "huh?is there living out in the wood?" mimi said and started heading right towards it after along run through the woods mimi came upon where the white smoke coming out of many sizes of tea pots on a very long dinner table "what in the world?!" thought mimi as the smoke cleared up enough to see & to her shock there was two males sitting at the table having a happy old time together walking up to the table mimi standed there until one of them noties her "ah our guest is here hatter" said the march hare The mad hatter look over & smile "welcome to our tea party Mimi~" the mad hatter reply happily.
mimi in wonderland ch2
here CH 2 enjoy guys x3

An unusually calm morning within a small village of emerald valley a group of horned half beasts where in a big hut talking with their unusual guest, their guest name was raine cartez his a half human/ half vampire who came to emerald valley looking as to what it was no one knowns

Raine Cartez: *sitting back on a chair thinking very hard*

Nyx: *licking his lips as he holds a plate of cake & cuts a bite off with a fork & then puts the bite of cake into his mouth* ^^ Hmm~ :heart: 

Riko: *looks over* penny for your thought Cartez-chan?

Tsubusa: *beside his friend*

Kichiko: *lays back upon the wall eyes close & arms crossed*

Raine Cartez: actually yeah can you guys tell me where i can find this one person that lives outside of the village?

Riko: *fearfull look on his face* the only one who live outside the village is..

Tsubusa: Frankie.. no one dare talks about him *try not to show how scare he is*

Nyx: why do you want to known where he is? *talks while chewing his bite of cake*

Kichiko: do you seriously have a death wish *open his eyes* everyone in the village ever dares to go there

Raine Cartez: *look over to Kichiko & shake his head* if i had a death wish i would have die along time ago my friend *look towards Riko* tell me where frankie's home is please

Nyx,Tsubusa & Kichiko: *looks worry/piss off*

Riko: *sighs* he lives in a underground castle maze that is located within the forgotten graveyard *looks right at him & points*  be far warn cartez-chan frankie had's being known to scare people away

Raine Cartez: *get up off the chair & pick up his sword* thanks for the head up riko-san i'll be off then hold the front up for my return *walks out through the fornt door & out of the village*

After some long walking down emerald valley raine finally reaches the gate front of the forgotten graveyard & walks in, the graveyard sadly really did look as if it was forgotten which raine felt sorry for the familys & friends who passed so long go
as he walks through the row of tomstones a door way that was going underground which mean it was the way down to frankie's castle maze home

Raine Cartez: *walks up to the door way & grins* well here go nothing beacuse frankie your getting a guest * starts walking down the stair way to the bottom*

once at the main floor of the underground home raine looked around and realized that riko was right frankie's home really is a underground castle the walls had an old age look to them

Raine Cartez: *place a hand on the wall* wow this place look really well taking care of

Frankie: *walks towards him with arms cross* well duh why wouldn't it be

Raine Cartez: *look over & smiles* ah you must frankie, nice to meet you i'm raine cartez

Frankie: * nods* i am who want to known Cartez-san

Raine Cartez: no one frankie i was told by a friend that you live out here 

Frankie: by "friend" you mean those horned half beasts? *realized who his friends are* what is your reason for coming here?!

Raine Cartez: i came to ask you to retrun to the village with me*holds out his hand towards frankie*

Frankie: *shake his head & turns around* That's one request i can't do and i choose to stay out here for my our reason..

Raine Cartez: well seeing that your not going to come back with me then will like it if i came here so you got someone to talk with

Frankie: *looks over his shoulder & grins* i would like that more then anything to have a friend to talk with

Ranie Cartez: then let me be your first true friend

Frankie: Thanks...

~back at the hunt with his friends~

Nyx: whoa! frankie actually you befriend him

Riko: i ever knew he was so alone

Ranie Cartez: *nods his head & smiles* he not so bad once you got to known him better

Tsubusa: hmm true but he alway seem so cold

Kichiko: well by the looks of thing Frankie isn't cold now

Ranie Cartez: all he really wanted was someone to hang with  *smiles as he think of what he would do next time*

Nyx: well let eat first then ask questions latter :D *happy digs into his big cupcake*

Riko & Kichiko: your always think of sweet!! *yells*

Tsubusa: *sighs*

Ranie Cartez: *laughs*


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